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From now on, we will provide services to local equity market and institutional clients in India, including financial advisory, asset management, equity trading and securities stabilization income business, as well as providing macro financial services.
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What is a moving average?
A moving average represents the average holding cost of all investors over a historical period.
Methods: Weekly 20MA baseline
Station last week 20MA Breaking below 20MA weekly
tend to be several trends short side trend
practice do more short
average time 20 weeks equal average 20-week moving average
What is Turnover?
Trading volume is the number of transactions entered into between buyers and sellersof stocks.
Trading volume reflects the state of capital inflows and outflows inthe market.
Stock prices and trading volumes provide insight into the dynamics of key market forces and market mood.
5 volume burst
There are adults to take care of them, so they are,getting attention from the market.
low volume
Easy to sell and should be avoided.
Methods: Weekly 20MA baseline
When the stock price rises If the stock price goes down
great deal multiple trends bearish trend
low volume multifaceted uptrend downtrend
A pattern refers to the "look" of a stock price line chart for a historical period.
There are three common patterns:bottom pattern, top pattem , and consolidation pattern states. The "look" of a historical line chart allows us to predict possible future stock price trends.

Common floor type: W floor

Common head shape: M head

Common Integration Pattemns

Ravi Lambah
investment motto - to grasp the trend is to control wealth.
Ravi Lambah
BA and BCom, Mumbai University Mumbai Date of birth 9 June 1972 Head, Direct Investments and Head India, Temasek Ravi Lambah is the head of direct investments, and Head India at Temasek International in Singapore. In addition to several global corporate board appointments, he is a director of Leap Philanthropy in Singapore, an organisation engaged in impact investing in the south east Asian region. Ravi holds a BCom and a BA in economics from Mumbai University.TEMASEK is a Singapore-based international investment company founded in 1974, with 13 offices in 9 countries worldwide and a portfolio of S $382 billion (US $287 billion) to date, mainly located in the core economic regions of Asian investment such as Singapore and India.
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investment motto - to grasp the trend is to control wealth.
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